Finca La Barca are unique olive oils and vinegars from Spain, the Extremadura region

Finca La Barca smoked oil is an olive oil made from the Arbequina olive variety. It is smoked using the traditional method “La Vera” with oak wood smoke for more than 15 days. The smoke gives the oil  nuances that take the taste and aroma to a new dimension. Finca la Barca smoked oil is the honour and pride of the Oliva family for more than six         generations. The quantities produced of this oil are limited to the production of Finca la Barca, each bottle is numbered.

Cold pressed olive oil "Finca La Barca" is a blend of two Spanish regions – Extremadura and Toledo - oils. Finca La Barca experts have been achieved an       aromatic, sweet-spicy and very fresh extra virgin olive oil. It is perfect for         everyday use in salads and other cold dishes.

10-year-old aromatic Jerez-vinegar for your table: a unique taste as an addition to salad. Vinegar - just like wine - only gets better over the years.